RACE 14'

RACE 14'



The F-ONE RACE range brings together Performances, Versatility and Aesthetics in an outstanding blend. Benefitting from the developments of the PRO range, they are designed to perform in all race disciplines: Long Distance, Battle, Downwind, Fitness... They are developed using numerous criterions: flatwater speed, upwind and cross wind performances in the chop, surfing ability for downwinds, handling and control... Genuine performers at all levels, they remain stable and accessible and will even let you surf proper waves. Their Bamboo / Carbon rails construction offers a light weight with exceptional reliability while their new 2014 shape provides a surprising gliding feel. Every aspect has been pushed to ensure you get maximum enjoyment out on the water.



RACE 14'
14' X 28"
427 X 71 cm
295 L
13 kg*

*Indicative value, subjected to variation.


  • Fin Set Up: Central RACE FIN Polyester 10’’ / Anti weed
  • Pads